These regions were once thought to be homogenous and static … Lack of concentration: If the concentration of the employee is not good for his work then productivity decreases.. 9. How does one take advantage of unencrypted traffic? Oceans fix 80% of the total CO2 fixed by photosynthesis, yes, but they also unfix it at a similar rate. The overall pattern with latitude is clearly visible: low productivity in the tropics and subtropics, probably due to nutrient limitation brought about by strong, year-round thermocline and pycnocline. This section includes several activities related directly to primary production in the ocean—both by photosyn-thesis and chemosynthesis. They are scarce in remote oceans (dark blue), where nutrient levels are low. In any case, if 80% photosynthesis occurs in oceans, that hardly seems low productivity - then why are oceans said to have low primary productivity (a host of reasons are also given for this - that light is not available at all depths in oceans, etc.)? This phenomenon might be due to the capability of some organisms to either efficiently recycle iron intracellularly or by non-Redfieldian cellular iron requirements. So, thanks to the fact that oceans occupy the larger area of the world, the marine microorganisms can convert lots of inorganic carbon into organic (principle of photosynthesis). But