MaxHP +10%; VIT +1 (Ferus) or AGI +1 (Matyr). Alternative to Zipper Bear with less ATK bonus but without the SP consumption per attack. Enables use of Heal Lv1 (Left) or Teleport Lv1 (Right). The castle of Prontera features the Valkyrie Realm that is mainly used for the War of Emperium. Payon is connected to the Greenwood Lake guild map, which is used during War of Emperium. We also tell you NPC locations, vender locations, vender item/price list and warps that goes in and out of the map. However, it lacks a slot. Obtainable from the Random Pet Egg item in the, If base STR is 90 or above, at +7, ATK +20; at +9, ATK +30, If base AGI is 90 or above, at +7, ASPD +8%; at +9, ASPD +8% and ASPD +1, If base VIT is 90 or above, at +7, Resistance to Neutral +5%; at +9, Resistance to Neutral +10%, If base DEX is 90 or above, at +7, Ranged damage +5%; at +9, Ranged damage +10%. The additional Demi-Human resistance also makes it suitable for Biolabs and Wolfchev's Laboratory. The Mystic Horns that they drop can be submitted at the same board for EXP. Level 10 is recommended, except for Pure Tanks which may ignore this skill. The skill build of a Damage-Oriented Tank build is not much different from a Hybrid Tank Build. Map outside of Prontera Culvert (prt_fild05) - free,, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, 2 - City Hall (76,92), (85,90), and (74,101), 3 - Inn (Nenkaras), west branch (107,217); east branch (204,190), 5 - Library, west branch (120,265); east branch (192,265), Bulletin Board - Prontera: Capital of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom (148,49) - Gives background information on Prontera, Prontera Bulletin (156,197) - Flavor Text, Sign Post (158,213) - gives general directions (or Flavor Text), Blacksmith Guide - Blacksmith Guide for Dummies (Library), Crusader - Max Von Shedough (Prontera Castle), Curator of Library - Curator Guiss (Library), Ginedin Rephere - Tailor Ginedin Rephere (City Hall), Library Girl - Library Girl Ellen (Library), Monster Encyclopedia - Dungeon Monster Encyclopedia (x4) (Library), Vending Guide - Vending Guide for Dummies (Library). The only notable defensive card choice for the weapon slot. Allows the RG to completely block incoming Physical attacks by up to a 40% chance. On the side note, King Tristan III allowed the public to visit the castle, but because he is very busy, you will not be able to see him in the royal chamber. Activate Devotion on key party members beforehand if necessary, and keep the enemy on you at all times. enchanted with Special AGI, AGI +7, AGI +5), rather than one with mixed enchantments (e.g. These two instances rewards you with your Best-in-Slot armor, footgear, and garments. Should be maxed by default as it is a pre-requisite for Prestige. However, make sure you have Magnum Break Lv10 and Endure Lv10 when you Job change. The Crimson Mace that they drop is useful for Geneticists and Suras, and is therefore a popular and valuable item to sell in the market. Enchantable at. If the RG has Defender activated, the party member will also be affected by the buff. Resistance to Medium and Large Monsters +15%, Resistance to Undead monsters +10%. One of the easier ways to do it is by doing Ghost Palace, which is a Solo instance that rewards you with Gray Shards. 0 Back to top #5 VModCinnamon VModCinnamon. You may also choose to do Gramps, Solo (if you're capable) or with a party. The 2 humanoid mobs are slow, which makes them easy to hunt. Feel free to fine-tune according to your gear selection and play-style. This is also one of the original places in Ragnarok. 130 DEF, 280 Weight. You will lose your single-target damage potential with Holy Cross, but you will gain access to Overbrand, a much stronger AoE Skill, as well as the ability to utilise Shield-exclusive skills. The absolute best choice for offensive purposes especially when paired with Khalitzburg Knight Card. Talk to the board and turn in one quest, which should bring you up to Job Level 50, then interrupt the dialogue by closing your game. Requires 2 RGs in Banding or Inspiration. Less important skills have been omitted. If base level is 70 or higher, ATK +5 every 10 base levels. Allows a faster HP regen while standing still and increases the effectiveness of HP recovery items. Prontera is the heart of most of the Ragnarok Online communities, as well. Situational choice, mainly useful for Biolabs and Wolfchev's Laboratory. It should be maxed by default as a prerequisite to Spear Quicken. If worn with Bison Horn, ASPD +10% and Reflects 5% damage back to the enemy. They also have a natural advantage in movement speed due to having access to a mount. When cast on a party member, the RG will absorb any damage inflicted on the party member for a duration. In such scenarios, the first thing to remember is to make sure you have a functional party: You as a Tank and at least one Damage dealer (often also called DPS) and one Healer. Talk to Instructor Boya to get her equipment quest. If you are playing with a party, however, the strategy remain the same. Notable bonuses for Royal Guards include: A great choice for offensive builds due to the STR, AGI, and DEX bonuses, while also giving some defensive function with enough base VIT. Be sure to take the Siroma and Roween hunting quests from the 91-99 board as well while doing this quest. 5. Grants +3% Resistance against Demi-Humans. Royal Guards have a large number of useful self-buffs, as well as a few offensive and supportive skills. Keep in mind that this card does not give full immunity to Stone and Sleep unless you have it in both your upper and mid headgear slots. A Holy-element AoE which damages based on the caster's ATK and MATK; similar to Grand Cross. Delay After Skill 2 and 3, totaling at -10% Cast Delay for Overbrand. Optional Skill, pre-requisite for Inspiration. Continue leveling in Orc Dungeon with Magnum Break until you reach Base Level 70. This page was last modified on 15 May 2013, at 07:17. The Blue Hair dropped by Kobolds can also be turned in for EXP at the same board, and if you've kept some Rotten Meat, you can turn those in, as well. Inflicts a Fire-property melee damage in a 5x5 AoE around the caster. The One-Horn Scarabas also drops Imperial Spears, which are one of the best weapons to use as an RG. Level 5 is recommended both for the extra survivability and for the damage potential. Level 10 is recommended for the survivability and as a prerequisite to Devotion. If worn with Buffalo Horn, additional ASPD +1. However, standing in a corner can also work for preventing being knocked back. Increases ASPD when wielding One-handed and Two-handed Spear type Weapons. Prontera is the heart of most of the Ragnarok Online communities, as well. Note that this build is only recommended for very specific party-play circumstances. If you still have any leftover 91-99 quest at this point, you can turn them in, and choose the Doubled Job EXP reward, so you're able to get the skills faster. If you've saved a few 91-99 Board quests, you can start turning them in one by one as soon as you job change into a High Swordsman. Autocast chance is increased with higher refines. The best weapon for Banishing Point and Cannon Spear, especially when overupgraded. The Injustices drop Crimson Katars which can be sold for a decent price, as they are useful for Guillotine Crosses. It is the only town in RO to have been redesigned, and is now much larger than before. Holy element ones are the best choice, while Neutral and Fire are acceptable options. I've been playing Ragnarok Online on-and-off since Episode 4, Comodo; and have been playing in Renewal servers for about 4+ years. we are already in the third dungeon which was included in the updated patch note... check the overview of those Guild Dungeons as well as the ... - Download Payon Guild Dungeon Mp3 Mp4 . 25 DEF; FLEE +10; Variable Cast Time -10%; Resistance to Neutral +10%. Weapon Dealer di Dalam Prontera pada Kota Prontera 175,220. Similar to Garments, the RG's footgear choices also vary greatly in function. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusader guilds. A situational choice that is useful against MVPs that tend to knock you back. Meanwhile, support skills such as Devotion and King's Grace allow them to keep their party members alive. Direction l'église de Prontera. Try to get Fire Elemental Converters which are crafted by Sages to gain elemental advantage over these mobs, and make sure to activate Shield Spell Lv1 to maximise your damage. However, it autocasts Storm Gust when you attack physically, which gives you a significant Cast Delay. In a case where your party is getting wiped out (such as by an Earthquake or Hell's Judgement) with your healer and damage dealers dead, use King's Grace immediately. It is recommended to avoid Heater, Shinobi, and Evil Nymph, due to the difficulty reaching the place and the risk of encountering MVPs while you hunt. The important thing with this build is to have high VIT and INT for higher MaxHP, DEF, and MDEF. An AoE attack that reveals hidden enemies and clears ground-targeted AoEs. Useful when tanking certain MVPs like Ktullanux, Kraken, and Morroc Necromancer. All stats +2 and grants +5% Resistance against all elemental attacks, including Neutral. Edited November 30, 2016 by ggboyz It can be enchanted with up to 2 Expert Archer Lv6 granting a total of +24% Ranged Damage, or 2 Fighting Spirit Lv9 granting a total of ATK +60 and HIT +10. Switch to a different carded Shield when fighting against regular monsters. Ragnarok Online monster spawn on Inside Prontera, prt_in, spawn time, amount of spawn and links to each monster's information. At level 110, it is a good idea to take the quests for Dark Pinguicula, Naga, and Cornus. The 120 STR is essential for getting the ATK bonus from Temporal Boots of STR and Brown Rat/Wakwak Card, which are key equipment choices for this build. After you've finished Instructor Ur's quest, there are several areas you can choose to go to. As a Swordsman, you will have access to two noteworthy offensive skills: Magnum Break and Bash. If you already have a Rosa Shield at this point, this buff will improve your damage potential substantially. You also have Magnum Break, which is still a reliable AoE to use at these higher levels. Guides - Prontera Guide (154,187) Guides - Prontera Guide (160,29) Guides - Prontera Guide (29,200) Guides - Prontera Guide (282,208) Guides - Prontera Guide (151,330) Show on minimap: Swordsman Association, Sanctuary, Prontera Chivalry, Weapon Shop, Tool Shop, Inn, Trading Post, Pub, Library, Job Agency, Prontera Castle, City Hall If base VIT is 80 or higher, grants +50% Resistance against Stone and Sleep. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusaderguilds. Prontera Chivalry พิกัด 49,342 กองกำลังป้องกันแห่ง Prontera อยู่ตะวันตกเฉียงเหนือ จุดเปลี่ยนอาชีพ Knight ... (เกราะป้องกัน), Weapon Dealer(ขายอาวุธ) สามารถซื้อ-ขายได้. It is the weapon dealer in prontera. You can then submit the quest back in Eden Group HQ. If you didn't take Instructor Ur's quest at level 71, you can also take his quest now. Grants +10% Resistance against Boss Monsters; increases damage from regular monsters by +5%. You can also do other instances such as Endless Tower or Endless Cellar, which potentially rewards you with huge amounts of EXP from the MVP kills. Use your self buffs and run ahead, luring as many monsters as you can, and pull them towards your party to be killed. (For example, the Tool Dealers, Jewelers, and Item Collectors have been moved while the Weapon and Armor Dealers remain in their shop in the SE corner.) Neutral Bullets. 10 DEF, MaxHP +20%, Resistance to Demi-Humans +7%. It has a Cooldown which makes it non-spammable. 120 DEF, 60 Weight. Can be enchanted using materials from. With skills like Auto Guard, Prestige, and in some cases, Defender; they minimise the damage they take and in turn improve their survivability. All Stats +1, MDEF +3. Prontera is known as the Imperial Capital of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. Defensive choice for Pure Tanks utilising Perfect Dodge. Your most powerful skill as a Crusader/Paladin. Therefore this is only recommended for glass cannon builds. Damages enemies in a 3x3 AoE around the caster and forces them to sit by a chance. STR +2. Daftar Item: Town Sword [1]: 42.000 z, Cinquedea [1]: 40.000 z Party leaders will often shout through the in-game #lfg channel or open chatrooms in Eden Group HQ to advertise that they are recruiting. Having Bash and/or Magnum Break should help a lot here. Grants +10% Resistance against Demi-Humans; MDEF +10. When killing monsters, gives a chance to drop poison herbs. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusaderguilds. Leave adding LUK to after you're level 145. Recovers 2% HP and 1% SP every 10 seconds. This skill inflicts a Holy-property melee damage to a single-target, and deals double damage when used with a Two-Handed Spear weapon. Level 5 is recommended for Tank builds; Level 3 is sufficient for Damage-oriented builds. Shop: Pedagang Perlengkapan Pernikahan, Penjual Armor, Penjual Peralatan, Penjual Senjata, Penjual Senjata, Weapon Dealer Through the orders of King Tristan III, new Swordsmen are being trained to become a member of the Chivalry. Objet(s) nécessaire(s) : 500k zenys, 1 Violin[3] (achat au Weapon Dealer de Comodo), 1 Fried Monkey Tails; Quête pré-requise : Aucune; Débloque une autre quête : - 1. Remember to switch to an Alice Carded shield during boss fights! The main drawback is that the Maelstrom autocast could give you some Cast Delay which may disrupt your skill casting, especially when you're going solo or when there isn't a Maestro in your party. If worn with Thorny Buckler, ASPD +10% and Reflects 5% damage back to the enemy. Level 5 is recommended. Up to +25 ATK when loyal. Play. Casting cannot be interrupted, Variable Cast Time +25% (Phen) or +30% (Butterfly). Having Phen Card or Bloody Butterfly Card on your accessory slot can help you cast Overbrand without interruption. Can be used as a secondary weapon to swap when you need to recover SP, or can even be used as a primary weapon if overupgraded. Another option is to do Airship Assault, but it is best to do this with a party (or at least, with one healer with you). Your job is to move ahead and pull in crowds of monsters for your AoE damager to kill, as well as using Holy Cross and Magnum Break occasionally to clean up leftover monsters that did not die in the initial AoE. In the 115-144 range, it may not be possible to one-shot certain enemies like Scarabas and Observations (when they are in rotation) with Overbrand, but you will still be an excellent Lurer. Pets are often an overlooked aspect of the game, mostly due to the fact that they're a hassle to take care of, and seemingly only serve aesthetic purposes. Having Spear Quicken also helps you dish out damage quicker. Make sure you have the @autoloot Player Command active at 100% so you can earn random loot to sell to NPCs, and there's also a chance you'll get a Spore Card, which might be useful later on. Many people live actively in this city. If base STR is 120 or higher, grants an additional +40 ATK. ID 85: Name: 4_M_03 Map & Position: prontera (247, 129) Kafra Employee Edit. Level 3 is sufficient. Are you looking for Weapon Dealer located at Inside Prontera or prt_in (165, 140) in the world of Ragnarok Online ? INT +6, VIT +6, LUK -6. It is an essential damaging skill for any RG builds. If worn with Airship Cloak and Boots, MDEF +10, MaxHP/SP +25%, and increases movement speed. The city received massive graphical redesign in Episode 16. Monsters wil be immobilised for 1-3 seconds by this skill. If the item you are looking for is not listed, then that means that item is not buyable in game. It should also sell Silver arrows . Since you're holding the responsibility of keeping your party alive, bringing a Token of Siegfried at all times is a good idea. Do not take a supportive role at this stage. The RG's Garment choices vary greatly in function, therefore it is important to make your choice based on what role you will take in your party. Destroys any kind of traps in a 5x5 area around the caster. Somewhat of an upgrade to Rosa Shield, with the same DEF and some extra resistance that applies to most MVPs due to many of them being Large. Register at the Eden Group and take the Spore Hunting quest. 90 DEF, 250 Weight. Blut Hase is arguably better than Odoric due to how significant ATK +3% can be, compared to the minuscule effect of ASPD +3%. Make sure to check the Gathering quests to get extra EXP rewards from your hunt. It can be enchanted with up to 2 Expert Archer Lv6 granting a total of +24% Ranged Damage, or 2 Fighting Spirit Lv9 granting a total of ATK +60 and HIT +10. Can be enchanted with up to 2 extra properties. Requires a Shield to use. INT +2, VIT +2, MDEF +3; Indestructible. A good trick to know is that you are able to close your game by using Alt+F4 or using the close window button if you are playing in windowed mode. Payon Guild Dungeon: my thoughts about farming OCA.... Hello friends! Hybrid Tank RGs play a semi-supportive role by keeping Party member alive through tanking enemy hits. With that in mind, there are several ways to improve your survivability: Your main role in a party is to tank, especially MVPs. Notable enchantments include: This accessory is mainly used for maximising ASPD with Banishing Point. Removes all currently active status effects and Increases HP, SP, HIT, ATK, and stats for a certain duration, while allowing Hesperus Lit and Genesis Ray to be casted. Therefore it's best to handle them with Banishing Point instead. Consumes 2 Holy Waters. Removes the flinching effect when receiving damage, allowing the RG to walk or cast skills without being interrupted when the buff is active. Essentially an inverse to Alice Card, this can be used when fighting against non-boss monsters, particularly during the floor-clearing stage of instances such as Old Glast Heim, Horror Toy Factory, Infinite Space, etc. Grants +3 ATK and +1% ASPD per 10 points of base STR. Two very important Instances to start doing when you're level 145+ is Old Glast Heim and Faceworm's Nest.