Please any advice. Comparison My father fear from angiography. It is a vague response that is not to be used as direct medical advice and in no way should replace the opinion of a medical provider. I’m scared and am in shock. Essentially normal symmetrical tracer uptake is notein rest of the left ventricularwalls.The gated SPECT images show normal left ventricular regional wall motion with LVEF of 70%. We were blessed to have him with us until he died last year age 77. Could this be from my legs???? I now have problems with my native artery competing with the bipass graft. I would drink about 6 beers a day. My mother ( Age: 62, K/C/0 D.M) went under CT angiography. If the stress test is low risk and you have no symptoms or reason for an angiogram then one shouldn’t be done. Belwady Murthy says Would need to see the pictures to give you a decent opinion. Cardiac cath showed severe blockages and the cardiologist didn’t place any stents because he believes a bypass is the best option. LAD was repaired in an open heart surgery (leaking aortic valve repair). Dr. Mustafa Ahmed. Submitted by Chris from Charlotte, North Carolina on 03/10/2014. years ago and am worried. I have 99% block in my vessel III of LAD in my heart, except this block nothing problem in my heart. Stroke Volume: 53 mL I have been avoiding any exertion except moderate walking. As per doctor’s advice; a CT coronary angiography is performed and report says as below – Depends on many factors, the significance of the lesion will certainly needs assesssing. What to do know ? When it comes to natural treatments, there are many theories however no real evidence exists. One doctor put me on statin , another Dr said i need a angiogram . [ within 15 days]. Cardiac output: 4.4 L/min (normal: male = 2.82-8.82 L/min; female = 2.7-6.0 l/min) doctor put him on aspirin, blood pressure med. Are these medications doing the same job as an angioplasty but through medication. Should I be on medicine ? Will she need CABG? I suspect surgery is the best course of action if your problems recur. -Dominant ramus intermedius with minimal non-calcified plaque at origin with low grade stenosis. Hi Lisa, were you symptomatic before your heart attack? I am on Crestor. Since the hospital and my long time Dr. were no longer on our insurance he recommended another Dr. since it was noted that there was another blockage in the RCA that needed a stent . Out of 5 stent , 1 was bio-absorb-able. }.Left Circumflex Artery : Mid circumflex shows 70% hazy stenosis. Obviously, a score of “zero” is optimal, and a score of >300 (or >400, depending upon who you listen to) warrants further work-up, like a treadmill test or nuclear study. Navigation OM2 – diffuse disease, subtotal occlusion Is this an insurance issue where the insurance companies don’t want to pay for it? <70% can be treated my medication. Doctor advices for ECHO and EF is 60℅. Sitemap. I have many questions but seems kinda hopeless right now. I now have 4 stents in a very small area in my LAD and annually I start having symptoms and I go in to balloon the stents or at least make sure they are open. Thank you. Heres to all the heart warriors out there. My BP was 140/90 for the last 5 years. 49 yrs old male 90-95% blockage in lad..had a heart attack 20 days before ant.m.i Hi,2months ago my father did angiography and shows 95% blockage in LAD and doctors thought the case is for stents and he did that day imidiately 3stents but after that now he is having problem with breathing “shortness of breath”, he did the echo everything looks good, the i think he has some deppresive simptoms and not sure is this coming from the heart problem or neurologic problem and this is taking to long..what do you suggest, what should we do? Check with the Dr the indication for a stent, a 50% blockage that is mild to moderate only is not an indication. heart disease, stent and open heart surgery in his family. However, he could not isolate or find my LAD !! I had always thought a 100% blockage is an instant MI? Thanks for that. Why were we not put on xarelto immediately. Left Main Stem >> Normal Bifurcating Vessel, Left Anterior Descending Artery >> Mild Mid Disease, Left Circumflex Artery >> Good Size OM1 Shows mild Proximal Disease. He said that I need a bypass. I did fail my stress test but heart muscle good no heart attack but my family history of FH and genetic testing reveals A/P markers which means I believe my liver does not filter things out like cholesterol and sugar. Changed me from 325 mg aspirin to 81 mg. My question is should I be concerned, should I make an appointment with another cardiologist. The need for intervention is not typically based on the anatomy alone, rather the presence and extent of symptoms and stability. RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT The double product achieved was 27972. I completely reversed my diabetes and went off metformin until my doctor told me to to go on 40 mg lipitor. LAD I is caused by mutations of the ITGB2 gene. I just want to make sure I go with the right doctor since I have more then one recommendation. Other Study Information: Not intubated, no pacemaker or central lines. 1. which medication will he have to use for life time- taking in mind he is only 48 years old. The blockages are at 80%, 70% and 55%. The doctor regarded it as late presentation and immediate intervention to the LAD was now considered inappropriate. At some point, i will need this stented as well, but may opt for bypass as I’ve heard with today’s technology they are much less invasive. Exercise duration : 11.10 min You should clarify this with your cardiologist. I need guidance please help me we are a young couple with 15/14/10 year old children and can afford any best treatment available. I would have that procedure done in a second to give me piece of mind. Filed Under: Coronary Artery Disease Tagged With: Heart Attack (Myocardial Infraction), heart blockage lima to lad is patent . My heart and other arteries were generally normal or with minimal disease. Could you give me any advice, doctor, I would appreciate it. No damages to the heart muscle through. Lymphadenopathy: Explanation: "A standard medical abbreviation for LymphADenopathy (lymphadenopathy) -- LAD = enlarged or swollen lymph nodes." I am concern about stressing the heart, now if I jog , I get bit uncomrtableness , little tighness, but no chest pain, just blow my throat, but walking is OK. is it better to do straight Angio for LDA. Is air travel to be avoided? Hello Dr. Ahmed, My father had 4 way bypass at 41 so I guess its hereditary? 30% blocked LAD 5 years ago- Had chest pains 2 weeks ago and they did a heart cath again and said I am 60% LAD 40% RCA and 30% (can’t remember) I am now on angina meds but still get a few pains every day but nothing like what took me to emergency room 2 weeks ago. Who said 75% I would not survive the surgery if I was to survive I would be on a breathing tube the rest of my life. Yes, dual LAD systems are well described. not sure it was thromosis or temponade. The results show that I have 50% to 60% blockage in left main artery, 95% in left circumflex, 100% in right coronary, and 80% in posterior descending artery. I took refined Fish Oil faithfully but experienced some reflux, so I stopped taking it last year. -Addendum end———————————————–CLINICAL INFORMATION: LAD infarct. It’s miserable…. Greetings! He came to my side and said I needed bypass surgery and a surgeon would come to my room to consult me. This question is regarding an outcome. I have a total oclusion of the LAD. If these were stone cold normal then it would strengthen the case for observation and medical therapy. This means that LAD, or a subtype of LAD, affects less than 200,000 people in the US population. mild AS with trace AR. Blockage of the LAD artery Now again he have done engeography and his report shows 60-65% /12mm blockage in LAD. Any further tests required? My total score was 233 which is considered at least moderate risk of a heart attack. Im not familiar enough with the topic to intelligently advise you. What preventive measures should be taken? Is it hard / easy to place the stent? EF during the period remained 55%. 2. Hy.doc I want to share angiogram of my brother with u.37 year old non diabetic normotensive.nonsmoker. I would recommend being evalauted by the treating cardiologist regarding the chest twinges. I started to feel better but still struggling some days as I feel severe anxious feeling and dull chest pain on and off. If you are having symptoms and a test suggests you need an angiogram i don’t understand the wait till March. Robotic approaches are possible however extremely dependent on the operator. why did the doctor did not think of keeping him on cardiac meds? I do have family history of heart problems. and if in two more months it doesn’t work he may have to be put on warfarin to dissolve the clot. February 28, 2016 at 9:02 am The first diagonal branch is 100% blocked while there are collaterals from the RCA that fill up to the second diagonal vessel. Read by over a million people every year, MyHeart is quickly becoming a "go to" resource for patients across the world. My friend had chest pain who is working in KSA, he immediately went to hospital for a check up. 2 weeks later massive heart attack and died on the spot. No symptoms or pain, I guess I am lucky, Dr. said it has been at least a decade since the blockage. My father had several heart attacks and my mother died from a massive heart attack. If they had done bypass on my LAD when I was coding, I would not of had a Massive STEMI three weeks later and now in severe heart failure. I know nothing about Internist and whether I should trust anyone besides a cardiologist with my heart. I look forward to your response. HFpEF: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction. I had my surgery on the 26th of may. Doctore precribed medicine Bataloc 25 (2 times),Clopilet A 75,Flavedon MR 35mg (2 times),Nitrolong 2.6mg (2 times) & Recommendation :PTCA with stenting to the LAD. I believe I had untreated diabetes for 5 years and was roughly 300 lbs for 10 of the 15 years. 5. I have been living as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. You should discuss the complexity and risk of the procedure with the performing physician. I exprience severe fatigue not sure what causes that. Please advise how do I manage this in future to avoid another heart attack. Kindly advise if this requires a surgical intervention, if yes what procedure is required? What Will value your opinion , thank you. I have lived a very stressful, sedintary, unhealthy lifestyle. the coronary calcium score is 33.5 . Sir please help me out. He says since my tests don’t show anything a heart catheter is unnecessary. lad : faint outline of lad is seen . Examination: MRI CHEST can I fast after having CABG surgery, I have had mine done 7 weeks ago. I would have to see your films to comment further. Ejection Fraction: 40 % (normal: male = 56-78%; female = 56-78% Stroke Volume: 53 mL Double product 29450 The left main artery, the right coronary artery, and the posterior descending artery were all assigned scores of zero. comment what possibly went wrong . Why are we on xarelto and not plavix like the first month of treatment? 4. Moderate nonobstructive atherosclerosis Of The mid portion Of The left circumflex artery .4. Medication: Aspirin 100mg, Twynsta 80/10 and Atorvastatin 40 mg and do 5 x week 40 min moderate aerobic. Recovery The mid and apical anterior septum and apical anterior segment are 4. You know its amazing how most doctors don’t even tell you to take coq10. Solution and way forward to cure this. rca : dominant vessel . LV: Good LV systolic function with EF:62%(on echocardiogram). My ejection fraction was 40% in the hospital. Is this new discovery not an emergency and should he just opt out of the stent and go ahead and do the bypass surgery? It’s also nice to read all the comments of others who have experienced having this heart attack & to know others have lost young loved ones to the same thing as I have makes it a little easier to cope knowing that others have been through this tragedy as well makes you feel so not alone in this horrific situation. We got the autopsy results back last week & cause of death was atheroslecoric coronary artery disease. Regards 4.RCA Critical disease in proximal course He started me on 81mg of ASA, metoprolol 12.5mg bid but changed me to Atenolol 12.5mg daily since metoprolol making me sick, and Zocor 10mg at night. Difficult situation with high complexity. Two days later we went to hospital he did an ECG which was abnormal and triponin levels were up at 1680. End Systolic Volume: 79 mL (normal: male = 19-72 mL; female = 13-51 mL) 1. 30% luminal narrowing. Hello, I did my angioplasty in Jun 2014 and it was triple vessel disease with 5 stents inserted. There are may situations in which there is a clear preference between the approached, dependent on the clinical situation. Reply No energy. I underwent Angioplasty and DES (35 mm XENICE stent) was implanted in LAD. No history of diabetes or htn. The Definition of LAD is given above so check it out related information. 5.LV Angio GOOD LV FUNCTION. they all suggest bypass, especially because of dad’s age and presence of diabetes. Would my EF be normal in future? To laypeople and those who aren't medical professionals, these abbreviations and shorthand annotations can often be confusing., If you are interested in cutting edge information and therapy for heart disease then follow my twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD. Findings I understand stents have improved greatly but I was wondering what I can expect.All of the men on my dad’s side of the family died of heart disease in their early 60’s but were untreated and heavy smokers. Here is my concern… I am terrified that even with all of these changes, I should not expect to live a normal life or life span. The primary reason for test termination was fatigue. but after few hours he became hypotensive and started shortness of breath. hi doc, post long standing epigastric tenderness dyspepsia no shortness of breath.due to negative gastroscopy and diffuse symptoms, no shortness of breath. A focal 75-80% narrowing in the proximal LAD with fibrocalcific plaque. During this period I have stuck to healthy healthy diet, Prescribed medicine and regular exercise. Wondering what next step is for me – can’t take meds – diet really not a factor due to my family history. I have had 3 TMTs so far and all of them were positive for reversible ischaemia. Proximal – Small mixed density plaque is seen in proximal LAD causing 40-50% luminal narrowing. Reply IPPA. Medical therapy should be started and risk factor management performed. The stress test will typically uncover lesions that are felt to be significant. I have zero faith in cardiologists. I dont know if I should be even taking Zocor for that level of cholesterol. My father is 63 yrs old … He is diabetic since 20 yrs on insulin since 3 years….now he has 3 vessel coronary artery disease…angiogram done ….its findings are…LAD mid 90% distal 70% diagonal osteal 70-80% , LCX MID 100%, RCA prox 95%, mid 80-90%….one dr advosed him cabg nd cardiology interventionist saying stents can be placed 3 stents in LAD nd RCA…nd will leave lcx as it is blocked….kindly tell me which is the better option cabg or angioplasty? My question is do you think it’s safe to undergo A triple CABG with the total blockage in one carotid artery and stent in the other? I don’t see a good indication for a heart catheterization if you are asymptomatic and have a normal stress test. Stress tests (x 2) were both clear. Before surgery the CKMB was raised slightly, (value 25 and normal range upto 17 ). Normal left ventricolar systolic function . Transmural Infarct more than 50 % of the septum. Regards Hello I am a 46 year old male. After 1 month I had feeling of passing out/breathlessness and Angiography was done. I don’t think it would be wrong however, with such a CT scan to proceed to angiography for the purposes of defining your anatomy given that you initially had chest pain. My father was 70 years old ,he passed away ,This was his angiograph report. The lipitor worked wonders bringing my LDL down to 60. I was having chest pain, SOB, and tingling in both legs when walking up hills, that is why I went to a cardiologist. Search medical terms and abbreviations with the most up-to-date and comprehensive medical dictionary from the reference experts at Merriam-Webster. My husband had the MI four moths ago but he i.e. I finally set up appointment with cardiologist and he said I may have some undiagnosed hypertension. Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012 ITGB2 A gene on chromosome 21q22.3 that encodes an integrin beta chain family protein (integrins are noncovalently associated transmembrane glycoprotein receptors, composed one of 18 different alpha and one of 8 different beta chains). And Dr increased his nitrocardin to 6.3 tree a day. If not chronic, then most practitioners would at least test and likely fix it. No new segmental wall motion abnormalities were seen. They told me 3 years ago that there were illregularities just think they should of sorted it then and not let me have a mild heart attack this time. Iyman sherman says Sorry my English is too bad. Just received the results of my CT Heart Wo Con Coronary Calcium Scoring … Also included are many colloquial terms and abbreviations frequently encountered on requisitions for radiologic services or in daily conversation. sad with so many questions, I am paying the price for his ignorance now. would have any of these tests shown a blockage? The “treatment” is aggressive cardiovascular risk management…..just what you are doing. Also the consultant can only see me in two weeks as he’s on holiday. Wonderful site with very useful information. what is this stage? He also says bypass not viable. heart EF showed 35% , and trop i was 26. doctor asked to angiogram followed by angioplasty I have been getting Angina symptoms went to GP and I had to demand a referral privately to cardiologist. Taking this advocate roll has been therapeutic and helped this life changing event worth it. I stay so lethargic…. I also had one year ago A 95% blockage of my right carotid artery which was cleaned out and been OK. Hello Doctor, Conclusion: Films need to be reviewed by both a surgeon and an interventionalist. By the way, I am a diabetic too but my range fluctuates 8 to 9. atrial tachycardia a.c. or a/c before meals A.D.L. What danger am I in with the current heart attack and the 80% blockage of my widow maker vs the aortic aneurysm measuring 3.5. Hi The left circumflex was assigned a score of 32. My doctor said it was very smart I did it because it bumped me into aggressive therapy when taking into account my other factors. Im feeling good and was told i should live a normal life. What do you suggest does the Heart Surgery required in this case or it can be cured by medicine or other treatment? The heart rhythm during stress was sinus tachycardia. No other symptoms. Both clinicians present compelling cases. My diet has completely changed to align with a healthy heart. They occur in the case of blockages that become severe in s stable fashion over time. The dr discovered that his RCA was 99% blocked and ended up placing 64 mm worth of stents throughout the RCA. You always hear about athletes collapsing. Is it just anxiety? I had 5-way CABG in 1996, and in 2014 I had to go for another by pass operation. February 7, 2016 at 8:47 pm Hello, my father 67 years old before 2 months has complained with shorting of breath, he admitted to hoapital and get medical theray than doctor has requested angiogram, he said all cronary was patent except the proximal LAD aretry has 90% stenosis, doctor said thers is s shape of the LCA its hard to pass it tobrwach the LAD aretry , he did CABG for threee aretry bypass since 11 years ago, he doesnt has any symptoms, doctor said redo CABG is best for him but very high risk, so medical treatment is best for him, his EF 35 % and mild to moderate dilated left atrium and mild dilated left ventricle with moderate regurgitation mitral and very weak stenosis of aortic valve and diabetic and hypertension hyperlipidemia, what bestway to treat this case. I am 49 years old and often experience congestion in my chest (specially in winter). * Predelatation: 90% stenosis Sir, Nasir here from Pakistan. I am at a crossroad myself, I am 56 years old and had a first heart attack in 2006 in the RCA area , I recovered quickly and the Dr said it was mild and was started on statins at that time. It sounds like she may have had a dissection of the vessel and or a perforation that was taken care of by covering the affected area with the stent. Examination: NM REST MYOCARDIAL PERFUSION Are his chances of a recurrence of an MI higher than any other individual It was unblocked and a stent was put in. had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. come in tomorrow and bring the ECHO results as well, need to do a stress test. Do you have any recommendations with natural ways to reduce the plaque. Is it unusual for a 40 year old healthy male to have this diagnosed? And personally recommended to: “Continue with Medical Therapy later consideration for PTCA.”. After that , my CT coronary and angioplasty showed that i have two ectatic vessels , the proximal segments of LAD & LCX …plus completely occluded Diagonal 2 branch . Mild Anterolateral hypokinesia. Would a LAD Calcified Lesion of 1.2mm3 in size be of any concern. We met doctor on last week and her ECHO test was normal. After that the risk of restenosis is theoretically lower than that if an existing stent were present. My doctor doesn’t seem willing to give me the dye procedure where they can see whats actually happening in detail. A higher score does NOT correlate with the SEVERITY of any particular stenosis. I thank-You in Advance and give you Christian greetings from Europe! There are very few times i would schedule an angiogram to be done in 3 months time.

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